Activities in the Sierra Nevada

Get closer to Nature and explore some of the most spectacular corners of the Sierra Nevada National Park and Nature Reserve

Activities in the Sierra Nevada

Get closer to Nature and explore some of the most spectacular corners of the Sierra Nevada National Park and Nature Reserve

Take on your challenge, in the easiest and safest way possible.

Whether it’s with your partner, your kids, your family or your company, in the Sierra Nevada there are many different activities to get better acquainted with all it has to offer.

Can you imagine enjoying a sunset in a truly stunning setting or climbing that peak you never thought you’d reach?

In strict compliance with new security regulations in the face of COVID-19, we will help you get closer to nature by taking you to surprising and little-known corners of the Sierra Nevada. What’s more, we will help you progressively achieve any goals you set yourself, in the easiest and most secure way possible.

Getting closer to Nature has never been easier

With Mamut Sierra Nevada you’ll be in safe hands. We adapt all our activities to the level you need in order to get the most out of your experience in the Sierra Nevada (Granada).

Accompanied at every step by a company with over 20 years of experience in the Active and Ecotourism sectors, getting closer to nature has never been easier.

Our principal concern is the quality of our activities and your personal security at all times.

Summer is the ideal time of year to learn more about the natural world as a family. The Sierra Nevada offers a different way to spend quality time with your children in a stimulating yet secure setting, thanks to our specially trained team. With the help of our qualified instructors, we will help you choose the activity which best suits your tastes.

If you prefer the winter or any other season, each has its own particular charm, flora and fauna for us to show, in the Sierra Nevada National Park there are always intriguing new things to discover.

You’ll feel right at home. On holiday we know it’s important to feel at ease, with us you can feel secure in the knowledge that all the activities in which you participate are respectful towards the environment. We take charge of minimising the environmental impact of our activities, without minimising your enjoyment.

Enjoy the Sierra Nevada to the fullest with the different courses of alpine skiing, mountain skiing, initiation to mountaineering and safety in avalanche terrain that we offer you so that your outings to the mountain always end with a smile.

From spring to autumn we show you the glacial lagoons of the Sierra Nevada National Park at more than 3000 m high

Lagunillo de la Ermita Trekking with Mamut Sierra Nevada

Trekking to high peaks in Sierra Nevada

Recharge yourself with energy by touring the «oases» of the most deserted High Mountain in the northern hemisphere

We adapt all our activities to suit your personal requirements but if you’d prefer to join a group, click on our activities calendar for individuals.

Family snowshoeing route with Mamut Sierra Nevada


Enjoy your next adventure in the Sierra Nevada in good company

Skiing isn’t the only winter activity on offer in the Sierra Nevada, discover other customised experiences with us

Fun snowshoe trails with Mamut Sierra Nevada


The perfect plan for all the family

Ski mountaineering route Lavaderos de la Reina with Mamut Sierra Nevada


Our selection of stunning Skimo routes

Freeride teams Mamut Sierra Nevada


Get to know the ‘wild side’ of the Sierra Nevada

Alhorí central corridor with Mamut Sierra Nevada


Spectacular views at over 3000m

Enrol in the course that best suits your needs to start out or improve your Ski Mountaineering

All our training courses are taught by our team of experts who will help you to gain knowledge and experience while having a great time.


Ski touring to Caballo peak with Mamut Sierra Nevada. Photo Luis Ordoñez


Ski mountaineering Veleta with Mamut Sierra Nevada



Seeking Excellence

All the Training Courses we offer are taught by our team of experts who will be by your side to help you deepen your knowledge and improve your skills in the most enjoyable and practical way possible.

Our team will be on hand to take care of any questions or doubts you may have. We always work with small groups in order to provide a personalised learning experience.

Always Looking Out for You

We like to give you maximum attention at all times in order for you to get the most out of the training you’ll receive.


✅ Do you know how to identify the probability of avalanches on your chosen route?


✅ Are you able to recognise and avoid avalanche terrain?


✅ In the event of an accident, avalanche victims only stand a real chance of being rescued alive if the rescue takes place in the first 15 minutes. Do you know about self-rescue protocol?


✅ Do you know the different types of ‘tap turns’ (conversions) used in Ski Mountaineering? They’ll help you to feel secure and confident on any gradient and any type of snow.


✅ Have you ever tried a two-step convergent turn while Ski Mountaineering? It’s infallible for passing through narrow or tricky sections problem-free.

✅ Are you able to correctly carry out self-arrest techniques using an ice axe?

Do you want to enjoy the Sierra Nevada safely in winter? Then these training courses are for you.

Avalanche safety course Mamut Sierra Nevada


Self-rescue. Training using ARVA, probe and shovel.

Mamut Sierra Nevada mountaineering initiation course


Introductory course for navigating snow-covered terrain.

Clean Sierra Nevada is more enjoyable

Show and spread your responsible behaviour every time you visit the Sierra Nevada Natural Area.

✅  Click here and access information that will allow you to learn more about the rules for:

✅  Bivouacking and night camping activities.

✅  Activities with bicycles-BTT. Not everything goes.

✅  Enjoying the Sierra Nevada safely. Transit through mountain areas involves a high RISK OF ACCIDENT.

Do not generate waste during your activities with responsible behaviour.


Ignacio Valenzuela Martín
Ignacio Valenzuela MartínGoogle reviews
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What do you want to do outdoor activities in Granada? It is your site. Spectacular treatment, you have a staff that makes you want to hug them, and some guides that make you want to kiss them, how good people they all are. They make you enjoy Sierra Nevada with a monumental dose of wisdom, another of security and another of humor. For group activities they have no rival, they put on a gymkhana, an Olympics for your company or an interpretive walk with rackets. And the boss looks like Jesús Callejas.
Carmen Muñoz
Carmen MuñozGoogle reviews
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My experience was fantastic, they provided me with all the facilities and helped me develop fundamental skills in the high mountains. Professionals with capital letters. And activities that are amazing.
Michel Gogniat
Michel GogniatGoogle reviews
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Mamut Sierra Nevada's personal service is great. Both Marien and Pablo have a great experience in the mountains and are people with a great passion for their region (Andalusia and Sierra Nevada). We had a wonderful stay!