Outdoor Training: Survival in Nature

Motivate your team with a different Team Building training workshop

In addition to having fun in Sierra Nevada, are you looking for a plus that will provide training to your company colleagues? This is your activity.

The day to day is full of totally unpredictable situations. Why not provide your team with Survival knowledge that at some point in life can be useful?

If in your company you want to improve the development of emotional skills and the transmission of values, with the Survival in Nature activity, you will succeed.

Don’t worry, we are not going to put you in limit situations. In this activity, your classmates will have to take a role, make decisions and assume their consequences.

For this we will transfer you to a natural environment with impressive views of the Sierra Nevada National Park. Away from daily work and under the strict supervision of our specialist technicians, they will pose critical situations and give you guidelines on how to solve them successfully, safely and very fun.

There are many activities for your company in Sierra Nevada that will leave their mark on you. Find out how we can RE-ACTIVATE your team

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