Ski Mountaneering trails in The Sierra Nevada

The Ski Mountaneering trails, also called Skimo, offer you Sierra Nevada tours of great beauty. But like all high mountain activity, it has its risks.

✅ You will need to master the different movement techniques with uphill skis and in different snow conditions.

✅ It is also important that you have a minimum level of ski of elementary parallel and be able to make descents through all kinds of snow and slopes.

✅ Also, you will need to have knowledge of mountaineering, there are times that on the routes there are complicated steps and it is necessary to carry them out with crampons and ice axes. Knowing how to handle them and knowing self-arrest techniques will provide you with security.

✅ And lastly, it is very important that you know how to identify if there are avalanche risks on the routes and be very clear about the meteorological conditions before leaving.

Learning the safety techniques in avalanche terrain and carrying out an adequate training with DVA, shovel and probe every season, will give you a plus of tranquility in all your outings.

Sierra Nevada offers you many possibilities. Climbing to summits of more than 3000 meters from which you will contemplate the sea and the African continent, and then enjoy descents of more than 1000 meters of elevation gain, is priceless.

The Ski Touring routes will also allow you to get to know the Sierra Nevada National Park better.

With the help of our Guide Team and moving with the appropriate technical material, you will be amazed at the places you can visit.

Getting closer to the “wildest” face of Sierra Nevada will never be so easy. Our technicians know perfectly all the corners and dangers of the Sierra Nevada mountain and will make you enjoy the experience with the greatest safety and therefore the minimum risk.

esqui-montaña-caballo-mamut-sierra-nevada esqui-montaña-chullo-mamut-sierra-nevada esqui-montaña-machos-mamut-sierra-nevada

There are many options for ski mountaneering trails in The Sierra Nevada:


From very simple options so that you can start with the minimum risk, to options of several days. In any case, safety for us is always the most important thing so that you can fully enjoy your Ski Touring route.

If you have never taken a Skimo route and want to start, spring in Sierra Nevada offers you numerous options with easier snow to ski, so that descents are not a problem for you either.


  • Cartujo
  • El Caballo
  • Cerro de los Machos y el Guarnón
  • Mulhacén y Siete Lagunas
  • Alcazaba
  • El Chullo
  • Morrón del Medio Día
  • Picón de Jéres
  • La Integral de Sierra Nevada

Are you interested in everything we have told you but do not have cross-country ski equipment now or do you want to try modern equipment? Don’t worry, we have totally new, light and comfortable equipment so you can take the routes enjoying:

We rent you the complete mountain ski equipment for the 2020 season (skis with Low Tech bindings, boots, poles and seal skins) for € 30.00 / day.

Don’t you have a helmet? We will rent it to you for FREE

With the number of sunny days and good weather we have in Sierra Nevada, the Mountain Ski routes will offer you a unique experience, in which you will also enjoy the snow, the sea and the spectacular views of the African continent.


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