Nature photography workshop: The thaw in the Lagunillos de la Virgen

If you like mountain photography and want to learn curiosities about the Sierra Nevada National Park, now you have the opportunity to do a photography workshop in nature taking advantage of the spectacular thaw in the Lagunillos de la Virgen.

This area, immersed in the Dílar River Glacier Valley, has one of the most impressive landscapes in Sierra Nevada. At this time the flora, the lagoons, the sheep and the floating ice blocks are mixed with each step that will not leave you indifferent.


Deshielo en Sierra Nevada Luis Ordoñez Ballesteros Flora Sierra Nevada Luis Ordoñez Ballesteros

With this activity you will enjoy an interpretive and photographic route in this area of the Sierra Nevada National Park.

To do this, the professional nature photographer, Luis Ordoñez Ballesteros, will develop a workshop on photography throughout the trip that will be combined with the learning of numerous contents on flora, history and geology that will surely inspire you when photograph details of the peculiar environment of the Lagunillos de la Virgen.

You will learn to get as much photographic match as possible from your team and you will also get to know a little corner of the Sierra Nevada National Park better.

What photography content are you going to see?

✅ Configuration of your camera attending to various photographic situations. Metering mode, correct exposure mode, ISO settings, white balance.

✅ Practice photography as you find different photographic situations.

✅ Different objectives. Photographic composition. Frames. Flora photography with macro lenses or extension rings.

✅ Exposure modes. Automatic, semi-automatic (Av, Tv) and Manual. We will basically practice the Manual.

✅ File types, jpeg and raw. We will preferably work in raw.

✅ Minimum equipment and transportation in the mountains. Equipment protection, backpacks.

✅ Photography in adverse weather conditions. Cold, wind, rain …

✅ Exhibition. Interpretation and adjustment of the histogram. Exposure compensation. Light problems in the mountains with snow and reflections.

✅ Focused areas, depth of field. What is hyperfocal distance and what is it for?

What do I need to do the Photographic Workshop?

The workshop you are going to do in mountain areas, therefore you need to have a medium level of physical fitness.

Of course, you need your camera. You can carry out the workshop with your mobile, compact camera, although a reflex camera with interchangeable lenses is preferred.

The route is of easy difficulty although it has a total distance of 11.5 km and about 450 meters of upward slope. At all times we will adapt to your rhythm. Safety is the most important thing for us.

✅ You need to bring mountain clothing and footwear, a cap, sunglasses and sunscreen. Also a backpack with food and drinks.

✅ And if you have, the following material will be useful: tripod, nd filters, polarizing filters, gradient filters. Cable trigger and waterproof cases or bags for equipment protection.

How much does this photography workshop cost?

The price is € 40.00 per person 21% VAT included

We will do this route on June 6 and only 10 people can participate.

The starting point of the activity will be La Hoya de la Mora at 8:00 a.m.

The price includes:

✅ Advice from professional photographer Luis Ordoñez Ballesteros

✅ A technician specialized in nature interpretation

✅ Health care insurance and Civil Liability


Remember, there are only 10 places

Deshielo Luis Ordoñez Ballesteros Laguna deshielo Luis Ordoñez Ballesteros




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