Trek to the Alcazaba

An alternative ascent to the summit of the Alcazaba

On our trek to the Alcazaba you will have the chance to scale one of the most spectacular peaks of the Sierra Nevada, with a difference:

✅  You’ll be able to enjoy and get to know lesser-known corners of Trevélez en-route over various days.

✅  You won’t carry any weight on this trek: muleteers will transport your sleeping bag, clothes, breakfast and dinner to the cabins where you’ll be spending the night.

✅  You’ll sleep indoors on comfortable mattresses in traditional shepherds’ huts. For many years these authentic relics have been cared for by local shepherds and cowherds.

✅ You’ll also have the chance to try local delicacies from the Alpujarras.

This trek offers you the opportunity to take in the virgin, unspoiled scenery of the Sierra Nevada National Park. 

What’s more, we’ll visit the Valley of Trevélez and the stunning surroundings of the Siete Lagunas tarns, topped off by conquering the Sierra Nevada’s most beautiful and remote peak. At 3,371m above sea-level, the Alcazaba offers up-close views of the high peaks of the Sierra Nevada and its picturesque glacial tarns.

Cascades, mountain pastures, the Sierra Nevada’s endemic flora and star-studded nights catching glimpses of shooting stars and the Milky Way are sure to make your trek a truly unforgettable experience.


What will I learn?

This Trek to the Alcazcaba follows an unmarked route. Our expert team at Mamut Sierra Nevada will guide you – offering interesting information along the way – on this unique trek, spending the night in traditional shepherds’ huts.

❇️ You’ll learn about the history of the Sierra Nevada and Trevélez

❇️ You’ll learn about the importance of the Acequias de Careo (irrigation canals)

❇️ You’ll learn to identify some the Sierra Nevada’s endemic species. Did you know that the Sierra Nevada boasts wildlife found nowhere else in the world?

❇️ You’ll learn about the glacial origins and formations of the National Park

Details of the Trek to the Alcazaba


▶️ A moderate level of physical fitness is required to take part in this activity.

▶️ The departure time is 9am.

▶️ Trevélez will be both the point of departure and return.


✅ Day 1: 1100m ascent over approximately 12km through the Valley of Trevélez. From here you’ll be able to enjoy the peaks of the Sierra Nevada from a very different perspective.

✅ Day 2: The true highlight of the trek: ascent to the summit of the Alcazaba, an ascent of approximately 1300m over 16km. To ensure you get the most out of this spectacular landscape, we’ll take the ascent slowly, with the added bonus of no extra weight to carry. The reward which awaits you at the summit, then descending the Arroyo del Goterón to reach the cabin where you’ll spend the night, will be well worth the effort.

✅ Day 3: A lighter finish: 600m descent over 10km, taking in the course of the River Trevélez along the bridleways of the last ‘cowboys’ of the Sierra Nevada.


On this trek, for a precious few days you’ll inhabit the same landscapes in which the citizens of the Zirí and Nazarí Kingdoms of Granada constructed terraces, irrigation canals, reservoirs and dry-stone cabins which still remain today.


What equipment do I need?


▶️ Comfortable, preferably specialised clothing suitable for trekking in the mountains (trousers, short-sleeved breathable top, long-sleeved breathable top and windproof jacket). Remember that you will be in the High Mountains.

▶️ Well broken-in (but not worn-out) hiking boots or shoes. This trek includes sections without trails or paths.

▶️ Hat or cap

▶️ Sunglasses

▶️ Sun cream

▶️ A small rucksack to carry water and picnic

▶️ Another backpack containing your sleeping bag, change of clothes, toiletry bag with toothbrush and toothpaste.

▶️ We strongly recommend the use of trekking poles.

▶️ And last but not least, come prepared to make the most of the spectacular, lesser-known landscapes of the Sierra Nevada.


How much does the Trek to the Alcazaba cost?


The price is €250 per person, 21% VAT included

This excursion will take place from the 20st-22nd of August, with a maximum of 5 participants.

The price includes:

✅ An expert guide

✅  2 nights’ accommodation in traditional shepherds’ huts

✅ Luggage transport by muleteer

✅ 2 breakfasts, 2 dinners and a picnic lunch

✅  Reduced group numbers for personalised attention

✅ Healthcare and Liability Insurance


IMPORTANT: To ensure that all participants accept the regulations in place due to COVID-19, each person must sign up individually from their device.


Remember, there are only 5 places available on this excursion


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