Activities company Sierra Nevada

Activities and Incentives for your company. Granada and the Sierra Nevada

Outdoor activities guaranteed to make an impact

Activities and Incentives for your company. Granada and the Sierra Nevada

Creativity, talent and motivation

Your employees’ creativity, talent and motivation can sometimes wane over time. Our teambuilding activities for companies in the Sierra Nevada will help get your team motivated and back on track.

Mamut Sierra Nevada makes it easy and enjoyable for your team to rediscover their motivation in an inspiring way.

So how do we achieve it?

  • By discussing your needs with you and putting them into practice in the simplest way possible.
  • By swiftly resolving any doubts you may have.
  • By personally organising our teambuilding activities in both Granada and the Sierra Nevada, we’re committed to motivating your team and making sure they have a great time.
  • As you can imagine, the experiences you’ll have surrounded by nature and stunning landscapes will be far more effective in reactivating your team than sitting inside at a course or conference!

We have more than 20 years of experience helping you to strengthen your team through Outdoor Training and Teambuilding activities.

Reinforce emotional ties within your team

Get out of your comfort zone and enjoy a variety of outdoor activities with your workmates, reinforcing important ties within the team.

What’s more, Granada and the Sierra Nevada offer a truly unbeatable setting for your activities:

    • Cultural destination
    • Delicious local tapas
    • Stunning scenery in the Sierra Nevada National Park
    • Lots of sunshine
    • Relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere

    When you invest in your team’s motivation, everyone will reap the benefits.

    Get in touch and we’ll tailor our activities to exactly what you need.

Are you willing to let us make a mark on your team?

We’ve got it covered. And to top it off, a stunning natural setting, making it easy for all of your departments to mingle and bond together.

  • The activities will give you a clearer idea of who your best team leaders and managers are.
  • They will improve cohesion within your team.
  • They will also help in resolving any interdepartmental conflicts.

Our educational approach, more than 20 years of experience in the adventure tourism sector and the dedication invested by the Mamut Sierra Nevada team in each of our programs will ensure that your training experience stays with your team in the future.


Whether it’s an International Convention, an Annual Meeting or a Teambuilding Experience,  Mamut Sierra Nevada will comprehensively organise any recreational or training activities to take the weight off your shoulders.

  • Intriguing itineraries in the historic centre of Granada, the Albaicín and Sacromonte
  • Events in the Sierra Nevada
  • Rallies in the legendary ‘white towns’ of the Alpujarras
  • Adventures which take you all the way down to the Tropical Coast of Granada
  • Endless opportunities to explore little known corners of the province.
Mamut Sierra Nevada. Fun in activities for companies


A great day out with your teammates

Mamut Sierra Nevada. Mountain skiing sunset


Snow, fire and friendship

Mamut Sierra Nevada. Company activity in the snow


Motivation and teamwork

Mamut Sierra Nevada. Snowshoeing and adventure activities for companies in the snow


Step into the shoes of an Arctic Inuit

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A different training workshop

Mamut Sierra Nevada. Granada with your company


Culture, tapas and lots of fun

Mamut Sierra Nevada. Tent for company incentive


Discover unique corners of Granada

Mamut Sierra Nevada. Sunset Sunset at Fuente Alta

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