Arctic Adventure in the Sierra Nevada

Step into the shoes of an Arctic Inuit

Fun without difficulty

If you and your team are looking to try something different, without too much of challenge, our Arctic Adventure will offer you a truly unique experience.

✅ Snowshoe hikes in the mountains

✅ Take a ride on a ‘Mini Bob’

✅ You’ll have the chance to demonstrate your precision and strategic skill in a “Snow Snakes” tournament (silent spears used by indigenous peoples in remote regions of the Arctic)

Custom activity

We adapt all our activities to your group’s physical abilities so that your time with us is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Spending the day in an Inuit’s shoes with Mamut Sierra Nevada is just a click away, but how do we organise the activity?

We offer a fully personalised service, tailoring the activity to your needs in order to motivate and give your team the most enjoyable experience possible, guaranteeing that everyone returns to work performing at their best.

We’ll take care of everything

The only thing you’ll have to worry about is having a great time

We offer many activities for companies in the Sierra Nevada which are sure to make an impact. Find out how we RE-ACTIVATE your team