White games in the Sierra Nevada

Great group fun with your workmates

Snow, Sun and lots of fun

Sierra Nevada for non-Skiers

Are you considering a company trip to the Sierra Nevada, but many of your employees don’t know how to ski?

Would you like to spend an enjoyable day out on the snow with your team, but don’t want activities that involve unnecessary risks?

The White Games will allow you to enjoy the stunning setting of the Sierra Nevada, with endless sunny days and good weather, while improving communication and relations between your company’s different departments.

A greater sense of belonging and cohesion within the company

Various preliminary activities out on the snow will give you the opportunity to get the materials you’ll need to take on the final challenge together as a team.

This activity is pure Outdoor Training and Team Building, guaranteed to create ties to and within your company, all within the unique setting of the Sierra Nevada.

The “icing on the cake” to maximise your enjoyment is the expertise of our team here at Mamut with over 20 years’ experience in this type of activity, ensuring that everyone will finish their trip to the Sierra Nevada with a smile from ear to ear.

You’ll also have the option to complement this activity with a Coaching and activity analysis session with group feedback.

We’ll take care of everything

The only thing you’ll have to worry about is having a great time

We offer many activities for companies in the Sierra Nevada which are sure to make an impact. Find out how we RE-ACTIVATE your team

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What do you want to do outdoor activities in Granada? It is your site. Spectacular treatment, you have a staff that makes you want to hug them, and some guides that make you want to kiss them, how good people they all are. They make you enjoy Sierra Nevada with a monumental dose of wisdom, another of security and another of humor. For group activities they have no rival, they put on a gymkhana, an Olympics for your company or an interpretive walk with rackets. And the boss looks like Jesús Callejas.