Improve your Ski Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada

Intermediate course in Ski Mountaineering

Improve your Skimo technique

Do you have elementary-level experience in parallel skiing and a basic knowledge of Skimo, covered in our Introductory course in Ski Mountaineering? Then this intermediate level course is for you.

Let us help you achieve your goal.

Enjoy the most of your Skimo routes

When out ski mountaineering, do you feel that you lack the confidence or knowledge to take on different types of snow, gradient, or you simply don’t have an efficient technique? On this intermediate ski mountaineering course, you’ll learn the necessary technical skills to get the most out of skimo.

Your safety is our number one priority: we’ll teach you everything you need to know in order to enjoy this rewarding sport worry-free.

We’re here to resolve any doubts you might have

Here in Spain, the colloquial name for this sport is Esquí de Travesía (similar to ski touring in English), but over the last few years the sport has been regulated within Europe and is now referred to as ski mountaineering or skimo. Whether you call it by one name or another, we will show you how to get the most out of this fantastic sport in a progressive and controlled way.

✅ How to take on steep gradients without losing traction.

✅ Different alternatives for storing your ski skins, depending on the weather conditions.

✅ When faced with a steep gradient, what’s the best way to tackle it?

✅  We’re sure you’ve asked yourself, when is it worth taking off my skins? We’ll also cover this during the course.

✅ You’ll learn how to glide efficiently on flats using alternate steps and double poling, employing minimal effort so that you’ll tire less.

✅ You’ll become an expert in different types of kick-turn, feeling confident in their execution on any gradient or type of snow.

✅ We have designed a safe, efficient and quick protocol, specially adapted to the use of Skimo equipment, so that you won’t lose time transitioning with your skins.

✅ In order to set out on Skimo routes on any type of snow-covered terrain, it’s important to learn which individual or group tactic you should employ, depending on the different situation: something else you’ll learn on this course.

✅ Lastly, we’ll help you to acquire the necessary skills in order to improve your descent technique so that you can really get the most out of ski mountaineering.


As you can see, this course covers many different and useful skills to perfect your ski mountaineering. What’s more, we limit group numbers to a minimum in order to maximise your learning and ensure that you have our full attention at all times.


Our expert team of instructors will take excellent care of you and tailor all aspects of the course to your physical and technical abilities, helping you to absorb as much new information as possible so that on finishing the course you’ll feel confident heading out on ski mountaineering routes.

So that you can get the most out of this course, it’s taught in one full-day session of approximately 7 hours.

We select the most appropriate areas for both ascents and descents so that you can safely put into practice everything you learn.

In addition to the practical part of the course, together we’ll observe and analyse your progress on video so that you can better understand how to improve your technique and continue progressing in the sport.

In order to take advantage of the abundant snow still covering the Sierra Nevada, this course will take place immediately. More courses will take place throughout the season, although not every weekend… So, if you want to improve you ski mountaineering, don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

Dicember 27,2022

Group limited to a maximum of 5 participants

Price per person: € 90

✅  7-hour day session of classes with a specialist instructor.

✅  Audiovisual resources to facilitate learning.

✅  Trip and Liability Insurance.

Are you interested in what you’ve read but don’t have ski mountaineering equipment?

Don’t worry, we have brand-new sets of equipment for hire. They’re light and comfortable so that you can relax and enjoy the experience:

The price to hire the entire set mountaineering equipment (skis with Low Tech fixtures, boots, poles and ski skins) is €40/day.

No helmet? No worries. We’ll lend you one for FREE

Improving your Skimo has never been easier.

Remember, there are only 5 places on this course

Mikel Ochoa
Mikel OchoaGoogle reviews
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“My first activity with Mamut Sierra Nevada was an intermediate ski mountaineering course and it was one of the most enjoyable and rewarding mountain training experiences I’ve ever taken part in. From the reservation process to the end of course, everything went smoothly and the Mamut team demonstrated a high level of professionalism, experience and friendly, personal service. 100% recommended.”
Antonia Covacho Vargas
Antonia Covacho VargasGoogle reviews
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“A fantastic experience, very enjoyable. I’ve been ski mountaineering for 20 years and the Mamut team have taught me techniques even I didn’t know. I’m able to take on more challenging skimo routes, with much more control than before. Thanks, Pablo, for teaching me so much and so well.”
Bernardo Morales
Bernardo MoralesGoogle reviews
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“Loved the course, it’s been a long time since I spent such an enjoyable day on the slopes. Off-piste is still unfinished business for me but little by little I find myself improving.”