Introductory course in winter sport techniques

Get to grips with mountaineering on our practical, highly personalised course

Introductory course in winter sport techniques

Mountains in the snow are undoubtedly at their most beautiful, but also at their most hostile

Do you like mountaineering, but lack confidence at high altitudes when there’s snow on the ground? Have you tried Ski Mountaineering, but lack the technical skills to safely navigate a route? Mountains in the snow are undoubtedly at their most beautiful, but also at their most hostile: ✅ Snow in many different forms: powder, crust, compacted… ✅ Adverse weather conditions: cold, snowfall, blizzards, fog ✅ Danger of avalanches ✅ Ice

Enjoy the snow safely

This introductory course in Mountaineering will give you the necessary tools and technical knowledge to be able to enjoy low-difficulty mountain routes in the snow worry-free. You’ll master the basic techniques – employing relevant equipment and knowledge – to navigate the High Mountains in winter with confidence, ensuring you safe and unforgettable experiences. The principal aim of this course is to give you the skills to SAFELY enjoy the mountains during winter.

We’re here to resolve any doubts you might have

✅ Essential: Mountain Safety ✅ You’ll learn the difference between different types of crampon and when to use them. ✅ We’ll teach you the safest way to use crampons and an ice axe. ✅ You’ll learn the most efficient descent techniques using specialised equipment. ✅ You’ll practice numerous ice axe self-arrest techniques. ✅ Different types of abseiling. ✅ Have you heard of snow anchors? You’ll put different types of snow anchor into practice, some of which are sure to surprise. ✅ Did you know there many different safety techniques you can use in the snow? You’ll learn all about them, also getting a chance to put them into practice.   As you can see, this course covers many different and useful aspects of mountaineering. You’ll be in the capable hands of our expert team of instructors, with extensive experience not only in mountaineering but also in education, so that you can get the most out of this introductory course. The number of students on the course is limited to 5, guaranteeing you a highly personalised training experience. The focus will be on learning to manage and mediate the different potential risks in the mountains, so that you’ll be able to fully enjoy them even in winter.
✅ Clothes specially designed mountain use. In Winter, we highly recommend the use of 3 layers: leggings, trekking trousers and waterproof trousers. In addition, we recommend a thermal vest, a second layer (preferably Power Stretch), and a waterproof jacket (Goretex or similar). ✅ Hiking boots with waterproof membrane and if possible, compatible with crampons ✅ Two pairs of socks ✅ Two pairs of waterproof gloves ✅ Hat, sunglasses and sun cream ✅ 30-40 litre backpack with sufficient food and water ✅ Crampons and ice axe. If you have gaiters, all the better ✅ And lastly, come ready to learn and have a great time in the mountains
We always teach our courses in Sierra Nevada. Before the same we will assess the safest area so that you are calm and we will communicate it to you by e-mail. The normal thing is that we can do them in the Hoya de la Mora area. The courses are made to measure for groups of 5 people. We always adapt to the date that best suits your needs. But sometimes we also do them for individuals as long as there is a minimum of 3 people. The next one will be on Dicember 11, 2022.
The price of the course for 5 people of € 97.00 / person. The price includes: ✅ 1 expert instructor for two full 8-hour days ✅ Harness and anchor ropes ✅ Verified Mountaineering helmet ✅ Ribbon loops ✅ Safety carabiners ✅ 30m cords ✅ Ice spikes and screws ✅ First Aid Kit ✅ Liability and Trip Insurance ✅ All necessary measures due to COVID-19 No crampons or ice axe? You can hire both for the weekend for €30.

Remember, for groups of 5 people.

Inés PR
Inés PRGoogle Reviews
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A few days ago I did the "Initiation to mountaineering" course (winter techniques) with Mamut Sierra Nevada. I went with very high expectations and they were all fulfilled! We had a great day. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone interested in this type of experience. Thanks also to Gonzalo, without a doubt a great professional and person, with whom you don't stop learning and enjoying during the whole course, it's not the first activity I've done with them and it certainly won't be the last, thank you!
Montse L.
Montse L.E-mail
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We have done this past weekend an initiation course on February 19 and 20 and we wanted to thank the company and its monitor for the great work they do, my husband, José, and I wanted to thank Gonzalo, the monitor who has been teaching us the course, for his patience, professionalism and seriousness in his work. A score of ten for this great mountaineer and alpinist. Thank you for your ability to teach us and adapt to our limitations in the snow. Personally, he has given me confidence and security, because I was very afraid. He has given us the necessary tools so that we can put them into practice, and Mamut is a serious and formal company. And Gonzalo is a great person with great knowledge, and forgive Gonzalo for having to put up with my nerves and my fear during these two days. But be sure that thanks to you we will see each other in Hoya de La Mora soon. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and congratulations.
Juan P.
Juan P.Google Reviews
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I have done the course of initiation to mountaineering with this company and I want to say that my satisfaction is complete with the content and with the monitor, GONZALO, he is a great professional who makes you feel safe at all times and whose experience in the mountain I would say is infinite.