Trekking in the Sierra Nevada

Laguna Rio Seco Trekking with Mamut Sierra Nevada

Trekking to high peaks in the Sierra Nevada

Enjoy the glacial lagoons and recharge yourself in the Sierra Nevada National Park

Let's walk together through the oases of the most deserted High Mountain in the Northern Hemisphere.

Recharge yourself with energy at more than 3000 m of altitude and feel privileged as we are going to show you hidden lagoons of the Sierra Nevada National Park.

Did you know that the evaporation of snow and water in Sierra Nevada is up to 62% faster than in the Pyrenees, the Alps or the Carpathians?

This is one of the determining factors of the great diversity of plant and animal species that you will discover by walking through this spectacular place. In addition, surely the freshness of the snow also accompanies us.

Landscapes as spectacular as they are fragile

The thaw lagoons of Sierra Nevada contain a great diversity of species to preserve life at this altitude.

The route of the route is designed for you to take a tour through the natural history of Sierra Nevada, you will also cross areas that have been key in the life of the Sierra Nevada refuges.

In addition, during the tour you will learn small gestures that are in your hand to take care of the environment together.

Have you heard of the Río Seco Refuge or the Cilindro Refuge? You will be surprised how both their days ended.

Did you know that the first mountain refuge on these peaks was built by Indalecio Ventura Sabater in 1891?

Our Mamut Sierra Nevada guides will accompany you during the route and will tell you some “jokes” experienced in these mountains.

We’re here to resolve any doubts you might have

As always in our activities, we will adapt the route to your fitness level so that you can enjoy it with your friends and family.

Children over 10 years old can also participate but only if they are accompanied by an adult and are used to walking long distances in high mountain terrain. The route has a high level of physical difficulty.

If you prefer a more gentle route, we can go up to 3000 m in a vehicle and start the route from there.

We want you to make the most of the hiking route, have fun and learn during the trek, but remember: the route is in the high mountains, and has some rocky areas.

✅ The approximate distance of the route is between 16-21 km and the cumulative positive difference in altitude is 700 m-1365 m. It all depends on the starting point you choose for the trekking.

The route starts at Hoya de la Mora, ascends to La Carihuela and from there you can enjoy, among others, the Laguna de las Cabras, the Laguna de Rio Seco and the Laguna de Aguas Verdes. We finish the route by descending back to Hoya de la Mora.

A large part of the route will take you above 3000 m of altitude.

For your safety, we reserve the right to modify the itinerary depending on the weather conditions on the day of the activity and the physical and technical level of the participants.

The ideal is to get up early to make the most of the day without rushing. We adapt to your needs, but as a reference take note of these timetables:

We will meet you at 8.30 am in Hoya de la Mora (Sierra Nevada).

It is expected that we will finish the route around 5:00 p.m. but this can always be variable depending on the level of the group.

The idea is to enjoy a day in the high mountains with you without rushing.

✅ Comfortable and warm clothes (we recommend several layers and that you do not lack a windbreaker jacket).

✅ Footwear suitable for trekking in the mountains.

✅ Cap.

✅ Sunglasses and sunscreen.

✅ Telescopic poles.

✅ Small backpack with water, lunch and …

✅ I really want to enjoy a fantastic day in the mountains respecting the natural environment.


✅ Expert guides who will not only accompany you, they will also give you advice to enhance your experience and be a responsible mountaineer.

✅ Assistance and civil liability insurance.

✅ All necessary measures against COVID-19.

✅  If you prefer, we can make the shortest route by taking the Altas Cumbres minibuses.

The price varies depending on the number of people taking part in the activity.

40 €/person for a group of 5 participants.

This price does not include access to Altas Cumbres by shuttle.

Adriana Paes
Adriana PaesGoogle reviews
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On Saturday I had the opportunity to do the Glacial Lagoons route with them and the experience was fantastic.They are highly experienced professionals and know very well the environment, its flora and fauna, and this makes the Route, in addition to being a Magnificent sporting experience due to the wonderful environment in which it takes place, it becomes an authentic cultural route. Another very important detail is that they adapt very well to the rhythm of the group so that everyone can enjoy. A pleasure to meet them, I will do more things with them! !!
Manuel García
Manuel GarcíaGoogle reviews
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Third edition that I do of the Altas Cumbres Solidarity Trek and I hope to be able to do many more.The vast knowledge they have of Sierra Nevada, as well as the closeness (at this time, maintaining social distance) and the affection with which Luis, Antonio, Paloma and Pablo take care of the participants, make the excursions with them, something magical.
Anabel BV
Anabel BVGoogle reviews
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We have done a route today with Mamut Sierra Nevada and I can only say good things !! The perfect route, the guides Pablo and Marien are excellent and super friendly. They also provide a lot of information about the area, very good communicators. You learn a lot with them. They have also adapted to the rhythms of all the people who participated in the tour. To repeat a thousand times more. Thank you so much for everything!