Winter ascents to the summits of the Sierra Nevada

Did you know that the Sierra Nevada boasts some of the highest-altitude summits in Europe after the Alps?

Mountains with snow most of the year

It might seem incredible given their southerly location, but these mountains remain snow-capped for the majority of the year.

An ascent to the Summits of the Sierra Nevada is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience, from the highest peaks you’ll enjoy views of the Mediterranean Sea and out towards Africa in the distance.

Only for Experts

However, although from afar these mountains may seem benevolent enough, the Sierra Nevada’s summits are marked out by their lack of protective mountain barrier against strong oceanic and sea winds sweeping in from the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

A combination of factors means that the majority of Ascents to the Summits are a task reserved for experts:

✅ The possibility of avalanches or rockslides due to high winds.

✅ Freezing winds creating transparent ice.

✅ Gusts of wind with speeds of over 120 kms/ph.

Trust the Specialists

We always advise extreme caution when ascending the Sierra Nevada’s summits in winter.

In light of these circumstances, an excellent option is to undertake the ascents in the company of a qualified expert, well-versed in the area’s conditions meaning that you can enjoy the experience risk and worry-free.

Some proposals

The following routes combine a real challenge with the beauty of summits reaching over 3000 metres

The Mulhacén, reaching an altitude of 3,479 mts, is the highest summit in the Iberian Peninsula making it a must-see for many. What’s more, its ascent can be tackled via various different slopes, some seemingly with few difficulties. However, we would like to remind you that changeable meteorological conditions and snow can swiftly create complications and we therefore advise that you put yourself in the safe hands of an expert.

The Couloir del Veleta is one of the shining stars of alpinism in the Sierra Nevada. The ascent to this summit (3,396 mts) passes through a deep and narrow canyon in one of the Sierra Nevada’s most spectacular glacial cirques, sure to leave you with an unforgettable experience. Entry to the canyon via the mountain’s slopes can sometimes become too complicated, in such cases it is necessary to enter via abseiling in order to ensure your safety.

From its summit at 3,369 mts, the Alcazaba has without doubt the most impressive views in the Sierra Nevada. Its ascent is undertaken via the north face, a highly demanding and potentially risky feat. In this wild area of the Sierra Nevada there are numerous canyons with ice overhangs and mixed terrain, making it necessary to have climbing experience in order to take on this ascent.

The Corredor Central del Circo del Alhorí provides an excellent opportunity to perfect your alpinism technique. Although there are a few overhangs, some ice and mixed terrain, when the conditions and weather are favourable, you will really be able to get the most out of this experience.

Please remember, in order to take part in any of the activities mentioned above it is essential to have experience in the High Mountains in Winter.

Otherwise, we recommend that you complete our Introductory Course in Alpinism before signing up.