Why our commitment to Quality and the Environment?

✅ We don’t know how to work otherwise.

✅ We put PASSION into everything we do so that you can take away the best memories of Granada and Sierra Nevada. We are from here, we love our land and our mountains and we want to pass on to you all that we know.

✅ We do not understand a DIRTY or contaminated NATURE. Would you like to see it like this when you come to meet it? We are convinced that you would not and we want you to help us to be an accomplice of our sustainable commitment and together with you make this chain grow among all your acquaintances.

✅ Since 2009 we have been working hard and meticulously to obtain the UNE-EN ISO 9001 quality certification and then the UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard. And year after year we keep renewing it to offer you the best.

✅ This quality certification, we are obliged to carry out our activities in a very systematic and planned way. By working in this way, we make you enjoy yourself without having to worry about any details. WE MAKE EVERYTHING VERY EASY FOR YOU.

✅ We want to REDUCE IMPACTS ON THE ENVIRONMENT, to be sustainable and to educate respect for all those around us.

✅ The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (CETS) to which we are adhered, is a proposal to offer you sustainable tourism in protected natural areas.

✅ And in addition, we are concerned about the high qualification of the technical team. We are always up to date with the continuous training plan, which marks a line of work based on innovation and development of responsible nature activities.


Our Philosophy of Quality and Environment:

Mamut Sierra Nevada is a company of Sports Services that is dedicated to organize you activities in the nature, mountain sports, and winter sports always looking for the quality.

Your satisfaction is our achievement. We generate experiences greater than the expectations you had and help you improve your quality of life.

How? Through the health, social and environmental awareness benefits inherent in nature activities and sports.

As a result of our commitment to the environment, we carry out activities in which we make you aware of the fragility of the Parque Natural y Nacional de Sierra Nevada.

Likewise, we generate specific actions to improve Protected Areas. In addition, we minimize waste and help preserve the territory.

On our routes you will see that we avoid the erosion of the land, we take you to spend the night in the right places, we do not disturb the wild fauna.

Finally, we avoid noise pollution and we do not collect native flora and fauna.

We offer you the Excellence of Service

Based on the good practices adopted within the commitment acquired as a company adhering to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in the Sierra Nevada Natural and National Park.

We comply with the applicable legal requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards so that your experience in Granada or Sierra Nevada will last a lifetime.

The principle of permanent training is the basis of our process of continuous improvement that allows the unstoppable evolution to improve all our processes of organization of the sports services.

What are the principles to improve and help you?

Internal and External Communication: we communicate everything in a sincere, simple, precise, timely and personalized manner.

Creativity and Innovation: we anticipate your needs and desires, to help you facilitate all the steps

Compliance: We deliver everything agreed on time, exceeding expectations.

Integrity: we do everything with accuracy and we finish with precision what we commit to you, taking care of all the details.

Commitment: to comply with legal, regulatory and other requirements applicable to the organization. Also of the continuous improvement of the System, especially of the improvement of our environmental performance and the protection of the Environment.

If you have any doubts about how we work…