COVID-19 Security Protocol

MAMUT SIERRA NEVADA, has developed this Security Protocol to act against COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

For this, it has been based on the specific guidelines and recommendations for Active Tourism and Ecotourism, published by the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE) of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

Said protocol will be established so that the reopening of our activity does not increase the risk of community contagion, using the necessary protection measures for our workers, suppliers and clients.

The risks in the development of our activities have been identified and analyzed and best practices have been implemented in our service and staff.

The entry into operation of the different services of the company will be carried out according to the calendar published by the Government of Spain or according to the modifications that may be in the future.

The service conditions and hygiene prevention measures are set out in this document.

Risk management

Our company assumes a firm commitment to risk management, implementing concrete measures adopted to reduce the risk of contagion by COVID-19.

It will be undertaken in all the processes carried out with MAMUT SIERRA NEVADA, from the reservation of the activity to the end of it, in order to safeguard the health of the company-client.

The company adopts this protocol and requires its suppliers to have their own in order to safeguard the work chain.

It is also necessary that clients collaborate and assume these protocols. The non-acceptance of the procedures would suppose the interruption of the service.

Activity reservation process

The process of booking and purchasing activities, as well as customer service will be carried out electronically through the web and electronic messages,

However, we avoid contact with material money that is an important means of transmitting the virus.

Before booking, the client will be asked to accept the Declaration of Conformity, which includes the Security Protocol developed here.

If working without reservation, the client must be informed of these conditions upon arrival at the meeting point.

The client who will not be able to participate in the activity if they have had any symptoms compatible with COVID-19 in the last 14 days. Likewise, the guide will cancel the activity or be replaced by another partner, if he or she suffers any symptoms in the 14 days prior to the activity.

We recommend NOT attending activities to people belonging to risk groups (over 60, people with cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, chronic lung diseases, diabetes, cancer or immunosuppression and pregnant women).

In the event that the activity has to be suspended due to new government guidelines against COVID-19, the activity will be postponed to a safe date and the client will keep their place reserved for it. In exceptional situations, the refund of the registration fee minus € 5 for management and cancellation fees will be studied.
Más información sobre El proceso de la reserva y compra de actividades, así como la atención al cliente se llevará a cabo de manera telemática a través de la web y mensajes electrónicos, Con todo ellos evitamos el contacto con el dinero material que supone un medio importante de transmisión del virus. Antes de la reserva se solicitará al cliente la aceptación de la Declaración de conformidad, la cual incluye el Protocolo de Seguridad aquí desarrollado. Si se trabajara sin reserva, debe informarse al cliente de estas condiciones a la llegada del mismo al punto de encuentro. El cliente que no podrá participar de la actividad si ha tenido algún síntoma compatible con COVID-19 en los últimos 14 días. Así mismo, el guía cancelará la actividad o será sustituido por otro compañero, si este sufre algún síntoma en los 14 días previos a la actividad. Recomendamos la NO asistencia a las actividades a personas pertenecientes a colectivos de riesgo (mayores de 60 años, personas con enfermedades cardiovasculares, hipertensión arterial, pulmonares crónicas, diabetes, cáncer o inmunodepresión y embarazadas). En caso de tener que suspenderse la actividad por nuevas directrices del Gobierno frente al COVID-19, la actividad se pospondrá a una fecha segura y el cliente mantendrá su plaza reservada para la misma. En situaciones excepcionales se estudiará la devolución del importe de la inscripción menos 5 € por gastos de gestión y cancelación.

Displacement to the place of the Activity

It will be recommended that the trips to the starting point of the activity be done in your own vehicle, applying the recommendations or regulations of the government.

In the case of using a private transport provider, the company would request the guarantees of the applicable protocol to guarantee protection against the coronavirus.

If the company carries out private transport in its vehicles (displacement at the beginning and return of the activity), the measures dictated by the competent authorities will be complied with.

The use of a mask that covers the nose and mouth will be mandatory and only two people may move per row of seats, always respecting the possible distance between the occupants.

Clients must arrive with their own masks. Hydro-alcoholic hand gel will be available in the vehicle. In the vehicle there will be plastic bags to put backpacks a container where, finally, leave these protective materials and manage their proper disposal.

Development of Activities

MAMUT SIERRA NEVADA, mainly performs its activities outdoors.

We will limit the number of participants based on the indications given by the Government.

The preventive measures issued by the Government of the Junta de Andalucía on October 29, 2020 are the following:

✅ Level 2: groups of up to 30 people.

✅ Level 3: groups of up to 15 people.

✅ Level 4: groups of up to 10 people.

From November 10 to 23, 2020, the Junta de Andalucía has established level 4 for the entire Granada province with the
grade 2, which implies that the maximum number for the activities is six people, and they can only be developed
within the same municipality.

The company will coordinate with other Active Tourism and Ecotourism companies to avoid crowds, as well as with the competent authorities for an orderly and safe use of public spaces.

At the beginning of the activity:
✅ We will meet at the starting point of the Participants, when leaving the vehicle they must remain keeping the safety distance of 2m to wait for the instructions of the technical staff.

✅ At this time, where it is essential to remember the rules, both guides and clients will wear masks and sunglasses. The guide will carry hydroalcoholic gel in case it is necessary to manipulate any material.

✅ Greeting with physical contact will be avoided.

✅ If the activity requires sports equipment for the participants, this will be disinfected before starting and ending the activity.

✅ After completing these explanations and at the beginning of the activity, each client will save, if they wish, their EPIS in bags that each one will transport, since it is possible to need their use again.

✅ Before starting the activity, all hands will be washed with hydroalcoholic gel and this action will be repeated each time any equipment is touched or after coughing or sneezing.

During the activity:
✅ The safety distance of 2m will be respected depending on the activity, the safety distance may be increased, following recommendations from experts in health and epidemiology.

✅ Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

✅ Group photos with less safety distance than allowed will be avoided.

✅ Sharing electronic devices, sun creams, clothes, food,

✅ Restrictions will be maintained when sharing any material.

Other actions

The first-aid kit that the specialized technician carries with him at all times will be completed with a thermometer.

Disinfectant solution will be carried in activities both for cleaning hands and for disinfection of the material.

In case the staff or a client begins to have symptoms compatible with the disease, it will be communicated immediately. We remember that the most common symptoms are: fever, fatigue, dry cough and dyspnea, among others.

Following the guidelines of the health authorities, 112 will be called if these symptoms are observed and instructions will be followed.

MAMUT SIERRA NEVADA, will proceed to adopt the appropriate measures to safeguard the rest of the participants by applying an action protocol for the people who have had contact and increasing distances and prevention measures.

✅ The prevention and hygienic-sanitary measures to be adopted by the worker in relation to the client will be applied.

✅ The injured person will be treated with disinfected gloves and single-use sterile material.

✅ Possibly contaminated surfaces will be disinfected and residues will be eliminated.

MAMUT SIERRA NEVADA, incorporates to its Informed Consent model to participate in an activity, all the measures indicated here, resulting in the Client’s Declaration of Conformity, which will be signed prior to the activity.

This Declaration will be sent by email or in the registration form for the activities to inform and must be forwarded signed to the company or mark as “Agree” in the corresponding section of the form, in the purchase process.

With this document, the company MAMUT SIERRA NEVADA informs all stakeholders (employees, suppliers and clients) of the prevention measures established in the Security Protocol against COVID-19.