Your mountain race on snowy terrain

They called us crazy. Moved by our passion for snow and Sierra Nevada, we wanted to approach it in a different way.

Pablo had investigated different tests in other countries and was struck by the fact that in different cold areas of the USA and Canada, they had adapted different races in the cold months and carried them out flat on the snow.

We wanted to transfer this idea to Sierra Nevada, but with some variations that made it “Different from Everything”.

The test that we organize for you, would be with the departure coinciding with the sunset and much of the tour at night, on the snow and under the full moon.

But we also wanted to give you a short and very hard test, that’s why it has more than 900 meters of altitude in 12 kilometers, also rising to almost 3000 meters of altitude. Sure enough, it seemed like we were crazy …

And in the first edition held in April 2012, only 60 people participated. The conditions were almost hellish, it snowed, hailed, it was windy and stormy with an electrical device. We had to modify the route to make it safe, but all the participants finished the experience with a smile from ear to ear.

From that year, the inscriptions were completed in a few days. We have already been the Spanish Championship of the modality 3 times and in 2020 the cap marked in 900 participants was also covered in a few days.

In 2021 we will be 10 years old. Do you dare with the challenge?

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