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The Beginning

Since holding our first large-scale sporting event back in 2003, we haven’t stopped. Some 200 participants signed up for a Mountain Biking trial that would push them to the ‘Limit’. The event was a success and just a few years later managed to fill over 1000 places.

Orientaventura, the Andalusian Sport Climbing Championships, Charity Race against Hunger and Sierra Nevada Límite on tarmac have continued to develop and evolve year after year.

They Called Us Crazy

One day, Pablo had the idea of organising a Mountain Race in the snow, the fact that it would start at dusk was the cherry on the top, letting the participants enjoy a spectacular sunset and what’s more, a full moon. We loved the idea, but they called us crazy.

The first edition only attracted 60 brave souls. 12 years on and the event continues stronger than ever, we have already been 4 times Spanish Championships and we have organized the first World Championships of the modality.

In our last edition, the registrations for 1000 participants were sold out in a few hours.

Our Motto

We’re known for our motto, maybe it’s because all our events have something in common: we offer you unique experiences, innovating and evolving to keep the surprises coming year on year.

And what’s our motto? Quality, Sustainability and Safety

Our Volunteers are Part of the Family

Always showing 100% commitment, our team of volunteers contributes far more than just this to our events.

Year after year, they bring big smiles, professionalism and charm to our activities.

We’re eternally grateful to all of you.

Places Fly for Our Events

If you’d like to take part in one of them, click on ‘more info’ to check out the details… and make sure to put the registration opening date in your diary! Places really do fly.


Our award-winning mountain race over snow-covered terrain