Snow Running Sierra Nevada

An experience “Unlike Any Other”

Our mountain race over snow-covered terrain is celebrating its 12th anniversary

"Unlike Any Other"

Some may call us crazy… driven by our passion for snow and the Sierra Nevada, we wanted to take advantage of our mountain environment in a different way.

While researching various winter sporting events in other countries, it caught Pablo’s attention that during the winter months in colder regions of the US and Canada they adapted different types of race to take place on flat, snowy terrain.

We wanted to recreate this concept in the Sierra Nevada, but with certain variations which make this event “unlike any other”.

Snow, Sunset and Full Moon

The majority of the race, organised by us, takes place after dark, starting at sunset and traversing snowy terrain by the light of the full moon.

What’s more, we wanted to set our participants a short but intense challenge, hence the race comprises a 900m gradient over 12kms, climbing to an altitude of 3000 metres. It seemed perhaps we were crazy after all…

First World Championships

In the event’s first edition in 2012 there were only 60 participants. The conditions were hellish: snow, hail, gales and electrical storms. We had to modify the route for safety reasons, but nevertheless, all the participants finished the race smiling from ear to ear.

Aside from that first year, places have filled in just a few days.

We have already been 4 times Spanish Championship of the modality and organizers of the First World Championships of the modality.

In 2022, the ceiling of 1000 participants was covered in a few hours.

In 2023 we are 12 years old

And we are once again an ISF-certified international event.

Guillermo Saenz de SantaMaría
Guillermo Saenz de SantaMaríaE-mail
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“I’ve wanted to get in touch for a few days now. It’s a shame that we tend to only remember people in certain moments and then forget. Mamut have a very special place in my heart. Not only when they’re organising the event and I sign up, starting my dedicated training programme. It’s those days when I’m training on my static bike at home that I recall those incredible moments climbing the Veleta at night. What great motivation! And it’s to this team (although I don’t know them) I’m grateful every day of the year, as they motivate me at all times. I hope that you’re all doing well and that we can repeat those incredible moments. Really, thank you so much. I hope that my words reach each and every one of you who make this event possible and that today I still have such wonderful memories. THANK YOU.”
Paloma Varo
Paloma VaroGoogle reviews
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“Mamut isn’t just a company, they’re an extended family, or that’s how they make you feel. I’ve worked as a volunteer with them on various occasions and it’s been a real pleasure for all the senses to take part in their activities, never forgetting to respect and learn from the environment in the process.”
Adolfo Esbec Albalad
Adolfo Esbec AlbaladFacebook Mamut Sierra Nevada
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“Spectacular. There’s nothing like it. Congratulations for the fantastic organisation and the safety and relevant measures deployed.”