We love to see you enjoying nature

and we try our hardest to put a smile on your face

Taking you out of your daily routine

Mamut Sierra Nevada. Sunset in Sierra Nevada. Photo Pedro Sanchez

to motivate your team with sustainable and unforgettable experiences

The snow and mountains are where you’ll have the opportunity to become closer as a team, talk in depth, have fun and achieve that much-needed extra motivation.

In the Sierra Nevada your days will be lit up with stunning sunrises and sunsets and if necessary, by our head lamps too. We know how to get your team motivated, all with a good dose of fresh air.

With us you’re guaranteed to have a great time

We are committed to enjoying nature while taking care the environment and it’s only in this way that we can truly take care of ourselves.


At Mamut Sierra Nevada we’ve been putting smiles on faces for over 20 years.

We’re passionate about the natural environment in which we work. We all enjoy getting back to nature at one time or another.

We know that, whether you’re a city dweller or not, we all appreciate the peace transmitted by nature when we breathe fresh air. We feel recharged and full of energy.

Our goal is to not leave you indifferent

Mamut Sierra Nevada organises tailor-made sustainable EXPERIENCES that respect the natural environment in which they take place. Not only will our activities surprise you, they will help recharge your batteries and those of your entire team, improving both team bonding and of course, motivation.

A friendly approach, personal attention and quick responses to your concerns. All sprinkled with a good dose of humour and impeccable customer service mean that you’ll only have to worry about having a great time.

And in all these years,
what is the craziest problem we’ve solved?

You won't believe it, but we had to change the date of an event for 200 people overnight.

It’s hard to believe, but at the last minute we had to change the date of a 200-person event.

We all make mistakes, but when a client says to you… SURPRISE, we got it wrong… our company isn’t coming to the Sierra Nevada tomorrow, we’re coming today. What do you do? You take a deep breath and repeat the word CALM over and over.

We’re motivated by challenges and always outdo ourselves… let’s do it!

What we learned from that experience was that we’re capable adapting to anything without warning. In minutes we can create a plan B, C or D.

Let us help make this year the year your company truly comes together as a team

Pablo and Marién

We founded Mamut Sierra Nevada over 20 years ago. We started working in the Sierra Nevada in 1985 and our work has always been linked with our greatest passion: nature. In 1999 and after more than half a lifetime together, we decided to take on a new challenge.

Get closer to nature in a safe and sustainable way.

Both of us hold degrees in Physical Education, complemented by extensive technical training in the education sector, in addition to Physical Activity and Sport Science.


But the most important things is to get the most out of all our activities alongside our fantastic team, always the life of the party! In their expert hands, anything is possible.

This is what gets us up and going every morning, the desire to help you a truly wonderful experience in the Sierra Nevada.


We’re convinced it’s possible to take care of nature at the same time as enjoying ourselves in the great outdoors, only in this way can we truly take care of each other.


We don’t believe it letting things slip. We have a great ability to plan for and adapt to sudden or last-minute changes.


We believe in the power of a stunning sunset in the mountains to get you and your team motivated.


We want to live in a world where we take each other by the hand to move forward together.


We strive to help you get back to nature in the safest way possible.


We guarantee that the only contagious aspect of our activities is our team’s smiles.


We firmly believe that in nature there is no ‘I’, only ‘we’.


We enjoy seeing things from all the many different points of view.


We never cease in our efforts to protect both you and the natural world.

Get to know us better

Pablo Ruiz de Almiron Megias Mamut Sierra Nevada


The Boss

Marién Lanz San Román. Activity Director of Mamut Sierra Nevada


The Boss

The Mamut Sierra Nevada team


Brightening up our days

The Mamut Sierra Nevada team


Always there to give us the best advice

Take a deep breath and find a reason to make your team smile

Shake up your company’s daily routine with a truly inspirational EXPERIENCE