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It seems like only yesterday

yet Mamut Sierra Nevada has been by your side for over 20 years now.

Founders Pablo and Marién began working in the Sierra Nevada in 1985, in jobs always related with their greatest passions: nature and the Great Outdoors. It wasn’t until over a decade later in 1999, when having spent half a lifetime together, they decided to take on a new challenge.

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Experts in National Parks

We had already visited many National Parks and Nature Reserves in other countries. We have researched extensively, understand and value working with these important spaces. We also learnt about their interaction with Ski Stations and Resorts throughout Europe. As a result, our desire was born to pass on and put into practice the knowledge we’ve acquired by creating a company that helps you get closer to nature and safely enjoy activities in the Great Outdoors.

20 years is just the beginning, that’s why year on year we continue to help you to get the most out of the mountains.

Your experience with Mamut is sure to make an impact.

We founded Mamut Sierra Nevada in 1999.

We and our experienced team have spent more than 20 years enjoying the Great Outdoors with you since then.

Since 1999, friends and former colleagues have joined the adventure to share our passion for enjoying nature in the safest, most enjoyable and fulfilling way possible.

Over 30 Years of Training

Lack experience in mountain activities? No problem. We’ve spent over 30 years training, working and innovating in order to make every activity an exciting challenge for you.

Pablo Ruiz de Almirón Megías. TECHNICAL DIRECTOR of Mamut Sierra Nevada


The Boss

Marién Lanz San Román. Activity Director of Mamut Sierra Nevada


The Boss

Mamut Sierra Nevada team, make the difficult easy


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Mamut Sierra Nevada team always allowing itself to be advised by the best specialists


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