Basic repair course: Ski Mountaineering

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Date: 11 November 2022


Location: Cenes de la Vega (Mamut Sierra Nevada Headquarters).

If you are a ski mountaineer and want to learn how to regulate, repair and maintain your own equipment, this is the course for you.

What will you learn in this course?


  • You will learn the fundamental characteristics and properties of technical equipment: skis, bindings, boots and poles.
  • You will learn the basic skills of sharpening and edge maintenance of the skis.
  • You will be very clear on why waxing is so important and learn the process of waxing the soles.
  • You will understand the operation, regulation and maintenance of Low Tech ski mountaineering bindings.
  • You will identify which is the best type of boot for each discipline: freeride, hiking, light hiking and competition. And also the main actions of their maintenance and cleaning.
  • You will discover the fundamental characteristics of leathers and their main types.
  • Differentiate the types of leather fitting and cutting that exist.
  • Differentiate the types of leather fitting and cutting that exist.
  • You will practice and master the different processes of waxing of the skins.
  • You will also learn how to cut and adjust the skins.

This training will last approximately 7 hours. As you can see, a very complete day.

It includes:

✅ Specialized Technician.

✅ Limited capacity for personalized attention.

All the material, tools and consumables necessary for the repair practices.

✅ Assistance and Civil Liability Insurance

The purchase is personal and non-transferable for the date indicated.

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