Course on downhill Techniques in Ski Mountaineering in Complex Snows


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IMPORTANT: To ensure that each participant accepts the regulations against COVID-19, registration must be done individually from your device.

If you need to rent the Ski Mountaineering equipment add it through the following link. Remember that the price is per day

If you need to rent the Mountain Ski equipment, add it through the following link.

Remember that the price is per day

You have a great ability to climb with your mountain skis, to do routes of one or several days, but after a glorious ascent, are you one of those people for whom descents on untreated snow are difficult?

You see crusty snow, windy snow or “heavy snow” and think that these are types of snow on which linking turns is mission impossible.

Then you are ready to take our complex snow training, as these snows are always present in the course of a ski mountaineering route.  Even if there are excellent conditions of fresh, light and uniform snow, within the profile of the route there are always changes caused by wind, temperature changes and even precipitation that starts as snow and ends up as rain.

The progressions in this course will allow you to learn different technical resources to be able to safely descend all types of complex snow, and even enjoy them.

Remember that there is a saying in the alpine tradition that says that there are no bad snows, only inexperienced skiers.

Do you have any doubts before signing up? Here we solve them for you: Course on Downhill Techniques applied to Ski touring.

The course includes:

✅ Classes with 1 Expert Teacher in the subject during a 7-hour day from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

✅ Audiovisual resources to facilitate your learning.

✅ Assistance and Civil Liability Insurance.

✅ All necessary measures against COVID-19.

It does not include:

Forfait (necessary for you to make the most of the course).

The purchase is personal and non-transferable for the date indicated.

Out of stock

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