Course on downhill Techniques in Ski Mountaineering

90,00  IVA incluido

Are you one of those who go ski touring but when it’s time to go downhill you are “surviving” instead of enjoying it?

With this course we are going to help you to start or improve your learning of the different types of existing trips, so you will be able to face with guarantees descents in all types of snow and all types of slopes, which you will surely find in the Skimo routes.

Improving your level of ski mountaineering on untreated snow off-piste will be very easy with our methodology.

Do you have any doubts before signing up? Here we solve them for you: Course on Downhill Techniques applied to Ski touring.

The course includes:

✅ Classes with 1 Expert Teacher in the subject during a 7-hour day from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Audiovisual resources to enhance your learning process

Assistance and Civil Liability Insurance.

It does not include:

Forfait (necessary for you to make the most of the course).

The purchase is personal and non-transferable for the date indicated.

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