Introductory course in winter sport techniques

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Do you like mountaineering, but lack confidence at high altitudes when there’s snow on the ground?

Have you tried Ski Mountaineering, but lack the technical skills to safely navigate a route?

Mountains in the snow are undoubtedly at their most beautiful, but also at their most hostile.

This introductory course in Mountaineering will give you the necessary tools and technical knowledge to be able to enjoy low-difficulty mountain routes in the snow worry-free.

Location: Sierra Nevada

The price includes:

✅ 1 expert instructor for two full 8-hour days

✅ Harness and anchor ropes

✅ Verified Mountaineering helmet

✅ Ribbon loops

✅ Safety carabiners

✅ 30m cords

✅ Ice spikes and screws

✅ First Aid Kit

✅ Liability and Trip Insurance

✅ All necessary measures due to COVID-19

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