Safety course in Avalanche Terrain. Self-rescue

180,00  IVA incluido

Date: 11 and 12 December 2021

Are you able to answer the following vital questions?
✅ Do you know how to identify if avalanches are likely to occur on your chosen route?

✅ Can you recognize and avoid avalanche terrain?

✅ Do you know the self-rescue protocol? Do you know what to do in case of an accident?

All these questions and many more have their answers in our Avalanche Terrain Safety courses. Self-rescue in Sierra Nevada


✅ Classes with an expert instructor over the course of two 7-hour day sessions

✅ Basic equipment

    • Remote control training station


    • Equipment for nivology studies: magnifying glasses, viewing plate, nivology manual for crystal identification, hygrometer, clinometer…
    • IPersonal equipment: PROBE, SNOW SHOVEL AND DVA for thefirst 3 people to sign up


✅ Assistance and Liability Insurance

Are you interested in everything we have told you but you don’t have individual equipment: probe, shovel and DVA?. Do not worry, we have equipment that we can rent you for 25,00 €/day..

Do you need more information before signing up? Here you can see it: Avalanche Terrain Safety: Self-Rescue.

Remember, to the first 3 registrants we will provide FREE for the course, the probe, shovel and DVA.

The purchase is personal and non-transferable for the indicated date.

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