Ski mountaineering techniques course on steep descents


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IMPORTANT: To ensure that each participant accepts the regulations against COVID-19, registration must be done individually from your device.

If you need to rent the Ski Mountaineering equipment add it through the following link. Remember that the price is per day

If you need to rent the Mountain Ski equipment, add it through the following link.

Remember that the price is per day

If every time you face a demanding slope with your skis you feel that the environment dominates you and you can’t be confident on the descent, you won’t be able to fully enjoy your ski mountaineering routes.

That’s why this training can help you acquire the technical and tactical resources you need to focus on:

✅ How to control the speed of the descent at all times.
✅ What type of turn and with what radius I have to make in each curve.
How to link the turns so that I can descend any slope with the control and fluidity that will allow me to enjoy the whole descent.
✅ Learning to read the terrain well in advance on steep slopes over 40º.
✅ To familiarise myself with technical elements of mountaineering. This will be useful in skiing situations on steep slopes and corridors.

Do you have any doubts before registering? We’ll answer them here: Curso de Técnicas de Descenso aplicadas al Esquí de Travesía

The course includes:

✅ Classes with 1 Expert Teacher in the subject during a 7-hour day from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm.

Audiovisual resources to facilitate your learning.

✅ Assistance and civil liability insurance.

Not included:

✅  Forfait (necessary for you to make the most of the course).

The purchase is personal and non-transferable for the indicated date.


Out of stock

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