Get started on Ski Mountaneering in The Sierra Nevada

Enjoy Ski Mountaneering or Skimo 

You only need to have a minimum level of elementary parallel skiing to be able to take the introductory ski touring course.

We take care of the rest.

curso iniciación esquí travesía sierra nevada

Have you been wanting to ski beyond the slopes for a while but have never dared? With this introductory ski touring course you will learn different technical resources so that you can make easy Skimo routes.

Your safety is what matters most to us, that’s why we will teach you everything you need so that you can enjoy this sport with peace of mind.

Ski Mountaneering, Mountain Skiing or Skimo? 

Colloquially you know it as Cross Country Skiing and that is why we respect this name, but in recent years a regulated sport modality called Mountain Skiing or Skimo has been developed. Some more current names, but in any case, whatever you call it, we will teach you to enjoy this sport in a very progressive and controlled way.

What are we going to teach you?

✅ At last you will know what the seal skins are exactly, how you have to put them on your skis, take care of them and how to slide with them.

✅ You are going to learn to climb on skis with different trajectories both on the line of maximum slope and making diagonals.

✅ We will teach you different types of direction changes, by convergent, divergent steps and the famous “Vuelta María” or conversions.

✅ Did you know that with sealskins it is also lowered sometimes? We will teach you how to do it in the simplest way.

✅ Have you heard of mountain ski transitions? You will learn step by step how to do them.

✅ The blades for mountain skis: when and how you can use them.

✅ Sierra Nevada is characterized by its changing snows and sometimes there are areas with hard plates. Do not worry, you will also learn to cross them with total security.

✅ And of course, we will help you improve your downhill technique so that you can face the changing situations that exist when skiing off piste with more resources.


As you can see, it is a very complete introductory Ski Touring course, but you will also do it in a very small group, with which your learning will be much greater since we will be watching you at all times.

Our team of technicians will take care of you and adapt all the progressions to your physical and technical level so that you can internalize the learning and when you finish the course you feel that you have the level to make easy outings with backcountry skis.

How are we going to teach you?

In order for you to get the most out of the course, we will do a complete session (8 hours approx).

We will use the limits of the ski area to give you security both on ascents and descents.

In addition, so that you can fix the learning, after the practical session, you will end with a classroom session with sharing. You will see your progressions on video, we will analyze them and you will understand better how you have to use the technique to continue advancing. The session will last one hour.

And of course, we will apply all the safety regulations against the COVID-19 to be calm.


When are we going to teach you?

Taking advantage of the amount of snow that is still in Sierra Nevada, we are going to do a course for you now, but throughout the season we will do some courses too, not every weekend. So if you want to learn do not miss this opportunity.

23 of may 2020

Limited places for 5 participants

Price per person: € 70.00


What will you get for this price?


✅ Classes with 1 Expert Professor in the subject during an 8-hour day

✅ A classroom session with 1 hour video viewing

✅ Assistance and Civil Liability Insurance

Are you interested in everything we have told you but you do not have cross-country ski equipment ?. Don’t worry, we have totally new, light and comfortable equipment so you can learn while enjoying:

We rent you the complete mountain ski equipment for the 2020 season (skis with Low Tech bindings, boots, poles and seal skins) for € 30.00 / day.

Don’t you have a helmet? We will rent it to you for FREE

You have it very easy, get your challenge




Remember, there are only 5 places.

Do you want to learn more? Sign up for the improvement course that we will do the next day for a special price for the two days.




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