Get to Grips with Ski Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada

Come and enjoy Ski Mountaineering or ‘Skimo’ with us

To join our introductory course in ski mountaineering you only need minimal experience in elementary parallel skiing.

We’ll take care of the rest.

curso iniciación esquí travesía sierra nevada

Have you always wanted  more from skiing than just the pistes but you’ve never dared to try? With our introductory course in ski mountaineering you’ll learn the necessary technical skills to be able to enjoy basic Skimo routes.

The most important thing for us is your safety, we’ll show you everything you need to know in order to enjoy this sport worry-free.

Ski Mountaineering, Skimo or Ski Touring?

Here in Spain, the colloquial name for this sport is Esquí de Travesía (similar to Ski Touring in English), but over the last few years the modality for this sport has been regulated and it is now referred to as Ski Mountaineering or Skimo throughout Europe. Whether you call it by one name or another, we will show you how to get the most out of this fantastic sport in a progressive and controlled way.

What will I learn?

✅  You’ll finally get the chance to find out about and use ski skins: how to attach them to your skis, how to care for them and how to slide using them.

✅  You’ll learn how to climb various trails with your skis, taking on steep inclines both directly and using diagonals. 

✅  We’ll teach you different ways to change direction using convergent and divergent step turns and the famous Vuelta María, or kick turn.

✅  Did you know that you can also descend using ski skins? We’ll show you the easiest way to go about it.  

✅  Have you heard about transitions in ski mountaineering? You’ll learn how to do them step by step.

✅  Using ski blades in ski mountaineering: when and how to use them.

✅  The Sierra Nevada is known for its changeable conditions and it’s not unusual to encounter sheets of compacted snow or ice. Don’t worry, you’ll also learn how to traverse these elements with complete confidence.

✅  Lastly, we’ll help you to improve your descent technique so that you’ll be fully prepared for the changeable conditions involved in off-piste skiing.


Our introductory course in Ski Mountaineering will give you a thorough initiation in this sport and what’s more, we limit group numbers to a minimum in order to maximise your learning and ensure that you have our full attention at all times.


Our team of specialists will take excellent care of you and tailor all aspects of the course to your physical and technical abilities, helping you to absorb as much new information as possible so that on finishing the course you’ll feel comfortable heading out on basic ski mountaineering routes.

How is the course taught?

So that you can get the most out of the course, it’s taught in a full-day session of approximately 8 hours.

We take advantage of an extensive skiable area in order to give you experience in both ascents and descents.  

In addition to the practical part of the course, we end with a theoretical and sharing session (1 hour) to consolidate your learning experience. Together we’ll observe and analyse your progress on video so that you can better understand how you can improve your technique and continue advancing.

Needless to say, so that we can all be at ease, we will be strictly adhering to all security regulations regarding COVID-19.

When is the course?

In order to take advantage of the abundant snow still covering the Sierra Nevada, we are offering this course immediately. Throughout the season we will offer others, although not every weekend… So, if you want to learn ski mountaineering, don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

23rd of May 2020

Group limited to a maximum of 5 participants

Price per person: €70


What do I get for my money?

✅  1 8-hour day session of classes with an Expert Instructor

✅  1 1-hour classroom session with video observation (Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, this session will be conducted via digital means/online rather than in-person).

✅  Trip and Liability Insurance

Are you interested in what you’ve read but don’t have ski mountaineering equipment?

Don’t worry, we have brand-new sets of equipment you can use. They’re light and comfortable so that you can relax and enjoy the experience:

The price to hire the entire set of 2020 season ski mountaineering equipment (skis with Low Tech fixtures, boots, poles and ski skins) is €30/day.

No helmet? No worries. We’ll lend you one for FREE

Take on your next challenge with us and we’ll take care of the rest




Remember, there are only 5 places.

Do you want to learn more? Sign up for the improvement course that we will do the next day for a special price for the two days.



Incomparablemente serios y profesionales al mismo tiempo que amigables y simpáticos. No se puede pedir mas. He hecho con ellos un curso de esquí de montaña y 2 ediciones de a Snow Running Sierra Nevada. Son una referencia en Granada.

Onieros T.

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Una forma excelente de entrar en contacto con este deporte tan bonito como es el esquí de montaña, de la mano de no solo grandes profesionales sino también maravillosas personas. Recomiendo esta experiencia a todo el mundo, de disfrute al máximo de nuestra preciosa Sierra Nevada y aprendiendo un montón. Repetiré sin duda!

Marta Cuenca Medina

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Intenso y muy completo curso de esquí de montaña. Atención e implicación muy personalizada sobre cada uno de los integrantes del grupo. Grandes profesionales!

Víctor Pérez Pelayo

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