Descent techniques applied to Ski Mountaneering

Improve your descent technique so that you can enjoy your cross-country skiing to the fullest

If you have an elementary level of parallel skiing on the slopes, you can take this downhill course in Sierra Nevada.

At last you will start to have fun on the descents on your mountain ski routes.

Are you one of those who do cross-country skiing but when it comes time to descend you “survive” instead of enjoying it?

With this course we will help you to start or improve your learning of the different types of trips available, so you will be able to face with guarantee descents in all kind of snow and all kind of slopes, which you will surely find in the Skimo routes.

Improving your level of ski mountaineering on untreated snow outside the ski slopes will be very easy with our methodology.


What will you be learning?

✅ A quick review of basic skiing technique, which is essential for you to improve your downhill skiing technique.

  • Wedge turns: skidding and driving.
  • Fundamental turns: elementary and perfected
  • Basic parallel turn: parallel skid turn.

You will perfect simultaneous parallel turning: one track, by extension-flexion.

Parallel turn by tail-jumping, which you will often have to use on hardened, bumpy or crusted snow.

Have you heard of the Tip-Tap Jump Turn? In it, the tails of the skis come off in two stages. It’s ideal for steep slopes and narrow areas. We are also going to teach it to you or perfect it so that in complicated steps you can go more smoothly.

The two-stroke convergent turn is infallible in narrow and difficult tubes. It consists of turning in the smallest possible space. To do this, you will have to gather the tips of the skis into a wedge (convergent) and make the change of edges in two stages. Does this seem complicated to you? With the progression that we will make you, you will achieve it.

You will also learn the two-stroke divergent turn, which is used on gentle slopes but with very changing snow or very heavy snow. You will have to separate the tips of the skis and change the edges of the skis at various points. Are you familiar with the skating step? It is similar.

There’s more. You will learn the “pedal” turn to use it in situations of strong slope where the independence of legs will have to take it to the maximum expression.

✅ And as if that wasn’t enough, you will also learn resources for complex steps: skidding, alternative steps in descent and the use of the double stick dive among others…

How are we going to teach you?

In order for you to get the most out of this introductory or advanced course in the different techniques of downhill skiing, it is very important that you can take advantage of the maximum number of runs. Therefore, you will need to take out a ski pass so that you can take advantage of the ski resort to get the most out of the course.

To do this, you will have two complete sessions (8 hours approximately) in which you will practice the progressions that will familiarize you with the different techniques and resources so that you can enjoy the descents.

You will also have enough time to practice in different situations that will allow you to choose the most appropriate resources for each one of them.

At the beginning we will look for the areas that give you the most security so that you can easily practice all the teaching contents and little by little we will take you to more complicated situations. You will see how you solve them successfully.

In addition, so that you can fix the learning, after the practical sessions, you will finish with some sessions in the classroom with sharing. You’ll see your progress on video, we’ll analyze it and you’ll understand better how you have to use the technique to keep moving forward. Each session will last one hour.

Very important: we want you to understand that with all these resources studied in the course, you will acquire enough technical knowledge to ski in the mountains, but the best place to learn them is on the slopes of the ski resort.

And of course, we will apply all the safety regulations against the COVID-19 in order to give you peace of mind.


When are we going to teach you?

Throughout the season we will hold some courses to perfect the technique of downhill skiing, not every weekend. So if you want to learn, don’t miss this opportunity.

28th and 29th November 2020

Limited places for 5 participants

Price per person: € 120,00


What will you get for this price?

✅ Classes with 1 Expert Teacher in the subject for two days of 8 hours

✅ Two classroom sessions with video viewing of 1 hour each

✅ Assistance and Civil Responsibility Insurance


Not included:

  • Ski pass (necessary for you to take full advantage of the course)
  • Ski mountaineering equipment.

Are you interested in everything we’ve told you but don’t have any ski mountaineering equipment? Don’t worry, we have totally new, light and comfortable equipment so that you can learn while enjoying yourself:

We rent you the complete mountain ski equipment for the 2020 season (skis with Low Tech bindings, boots, poles and sealskins) for € 30.00

Don’t you have a helmet? We will rent it to you for FREE

You have it easy, get your challenge



Remember, there are only five places.

Do you prefer to do a route with us? We’ll take you to the “wildest” side of Sierra Nevada.

Or if you prefer, sign up for one of our Ski Mountanneering or Avalanche Safety Courses


Excelentes profesionales que se conocen Sierra Nevada al dedillo. Este invierno hice con ellos el curso de descenso de esquí de montaña, y en un fin de semana pasé de no haber bajado nunca por pistas rojas a bajar con bastante dignidad por todas ellas. Empresa muy recomendable.

Pablo S. Guzmán

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