Prepare for the entry exams to become an Alpine Skiing Instructor

Do you want to perfect your Alpine Skiing technique?

If you’re considering taking the exams to become an Alpine Skiing instructor, you’ll have to master various kinds of turn on different types of snow.

You’ll have to be able to carry out descents with your parallel technique well and truly perfected.

You should also have a thorough knowledge of Giant Slalom, allowing you to take on timed descents with the necessary expertise in Alpine Skiing techniques.

Have you ever taken on a Giant? You should be familiar with the concept of a correct line of descent in order to maintain a sufficient average speed, allowing you to make the grade in time trials.

In the hands of our expert team of instructors here at Mamut Sierra Nevada you’ll be able to create a personalised training programme in order to take on the entry exams with confidence.

What will I achieve?

✅ You’ll develop fatigue resistance to withstand Giant descents.

✅ You’ll develop your technical and tactical techniques for Alpine Skiing

✅ You’ll train to maintain calm before and during the exams

✅ Lastly, in addition to preparing for the entry exams, you’ll also improve skiing skills for your professional future.


How will I achieve it?

✅ With supervised free skiing.

✅ We’ll push you to your limits. Various different types of skiing, terrain and snow. Skiing with obstacles.

✅ Through training routes.

✅ You’ll also take on specialised routes.

✅ ‘Live’ correction with the help of filming.

✅ You will also take part in a series of complementary ‘dry’ activities.

✅ We’ll provide you with a test for different types of skiing, helping you to find your ideal skiing style to pass the exams.

At the end of the course, you’ll take an exam with us to establish your true level. Throughout the course we’ll give you constant feedback, facilitated by the fact that our trainers have been examiners for the entry exams on various occasions.

They will provide you with all the necessary tools to achieve your goal.


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