When out in the mountains do you often see climbers scaling rockfaces and think that you’d like to give it a go?

It’s occurred to many of us at least once, but maybe you’ve never dared to try it.

Sport Climbing is an undeniably high-risk sport, but as with any outdoor activity, if you sign up to a progressive course, in the safe hands of expert and experienced instructors, you’re sure to achieve things you never imagined yourself capable of.


What’s the difference between Traditional Climbing and Sport Climbing?

Traditional – or ‘Trad’ Climbing takes places on unprepared surfaces. The climbing routes tend to vary in length and it’s classed as a higher risk variant of climbing.

In contrast, Sport Climbing takes places on surfaces to which a series of permanent anchors have been attached by route preparers to ensure the climber’s safety. On our introductory courses this means you’ll be able to concentrate worry-free on learning and enjoying the experience.

Sport climbing is the safest climbing method. On this course you will learn the necessary techniques to get started independently in this exciting sport.


On this Introduction to Sport Climbing course you’ll learn:

✅ Basic knots and equipment

✅ How to set up a top rope

✅ To enjoy abseiling with confidence

✅ How to climb as a lead climber

✅ Have you heard of ‘belaying’? You’ll also learn this technique

✅ And it goes without saying, you’ll learn about how to prevent common climbing accidents.

Curso escalada deportiva Mamut Sierra Nevada


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