Security in Avalanche Terrain. Auto-rescue

Training and Training with ARVA, Probe and Shovel

The growing interest in mountain sports on snowy terrain makes us consider training and training on avalanche terrain safety and the autorescate, all with sufficient content for any practitioner to answer vital questions such as:

• Can you identify if there is a probability of avalanches in the route you have chosen?
• Would you recognize and avoid avalanche?
In case of an accident, avalanche victims only have a real chance of being rescued alive if the rescue occurs in the first 15 min. This is only possible with the autorrescate (protocol with ARVA, probe and spade).
• Do you know the protocol of autorrescate? Would you know what to do in case of an accident?

All of these questions and many more have your answer in our avalanche safety courses. Training and Training with ARVA, Probe and Shovel.



– Evolution of the mantle nivo.
– avalanches as an objective natural risk.
– Classification of avalanche types.
– Methods of reducing avalanche danger.
– European avalanche risk scale.
– Recognition of avalanche danger alerts.
– Techniques of safe progression in avalanche terrain.
– Required Equipment
– Method of autorrescate in avalanches.
– Valuation practices for avalanche risk.
– Study of the layers of the mantle nivoso.
– Practices of handling of probe, shovel and ARVA: protocol of autorrescate in aludes.
– Practices of the method of professional rescue in avalanches.


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