Safety in Avalanche Terrain. Self-rescue

Technical and practical training with ARVA safety kit, probe and snow shovel

The growing interest in mountain sports on snowy terrain has inspired us to create a complete training programme for safety in avalanche terrain and self-rescue techniques. After the course you’ll be able to respond with confidence to the following fundamental questions: 

✅    Do you know how to identify a risk of avalanches on your chosen route?

✅    Can you recognise and avoid avalanche terrain?

✅    Do you know the relevant protocol for self-rescue? Would you know what do in the case of an accident?

In the case of an accident, avalanche victims only have a realistic chance of survival when rescued within the first 15 minutes following the incident. This is only achievable through self-rescue (protocol using ARVA, probe y shovel).


All these questions and many more will be addressed in our courses on Safety in Avalance Terrain: Technical and Practical Training with ARVA, probe and snow shovel.






What will I learn on the Safety in Avalanche Terrain course?

✅    Snowpack progression.

✅    Avalanches as an objective natural risk.

✅    Avalanche classification.

✅    Methods to reduce danger of an avalanche.

✅    European Avalanche Danger Scale.

✅    Identification of avalanche warning signs.

✅    Techniques for safe navigation of routes in avalanche terrain.

✅    Necessary equipment.

✅    Self-rescue method for avalanches.

✅    Practical training to assess avalanche risk.

✅    Theoretical study of snowpack layers.

✅    You’ll learn how to use a probe, snow shovel and ARVA kit correctly: self-rescue protocol for avalanches.

✅    Lastly, you’ll also gain practical experience in professional rescue methods for avalanches. Knowledge of Safety in Avalanche Terrain is essential for anyone interested in enjoying the mountains safely during the winter months.

Our course offers comprehensive training in addition to limited group size, enabling us to give you our full attention at all times and an optimal learning experience. Our expert team will help you to fully absorb all new information, ensuring that by the end of the course you will be able to safely and confidently navigate snowy mountain terrain.

When is the course?

Our Avalanche Safety courses usually take place at the start of the snow season, but in order to take advantage of the abundant snow still covering parts of the Sierra Nevada, drop us an email if you’re interested as it’s sometimes possible to get a group together towards the end of May or even into June. The course takes place over two full 7-hour days out in the snow.

How much does it cost and what do I get for my money?

Price per person: €120 Places limited to 5-7 participants

This price includes:

✅  Classes with an expert instructor over the course of two 7-hour day sessions ✅  Basic equipment:

  • Remote control training station.
  • Equipment for nivology studies: magnifying glasses, viewing plate, nivology manual for crystal identification, hygrometer, clinometer…
  • Personal equipment: PROBE, SNOW SHOVEL AND DVA for the first 3 people to sign up

✅  Liability and Trip Insurance

Interested in the course but don’t have your own equipment (probe, snow shovel and DVA)? No problem, we have kits for hire for €25/day.


Remember, there are only 7 places available on this course and the first 3 people to sign up will receive a probe, snow shovel and DVA kit FREE to use for the duration of the course.

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