Route: Glacial Tarns of the Sierra Nevada

On our hiking route ‘Glacial Lakes of the Sierra Nevada’ we’ll witness an impressive spring spectacle of snow, water and plants in full leaf and bloom.

Tarns are small areas of water found in the high mountains. Carved out of the rock by glaciers many millenia ago, today they fill with meltwater in spring forming small ‘lakes.

It’s not uncommon to encounter snowdrifts until the end of June and even into July in shady areas of the glacial valley of the River Dílar.


You’ll not only be able to enjoy the sight of snow on our Glacial Lakes route, but also the characteristic Borreguiles – large quantities of water which flow down from the peaks forming torrents and cascades – not to mention the stunning meltwater lakes of:


Las Yeguas

Lagunillos de la Virgen

✅ We’ll also visit the Lagunillos de la Ermita

✅ And the most hidden away of the Sierra Nevada’s lakes: El Cartujo, also known as the ‘mysterious lake’.

As the trails on this route are unmarked, our team of experts here at Mamut Sierra Nevada will guide the way, offering you plenty of information about:

▶️ The Sierra Nevada’s history

▶️ The importance of the Acequias (irrigation canals) de Careo

▶️ You’ll learn to identify some of the Sierra Nevada’s endemic species. Did you know that certain plant species don’t exist anywhere else in the world?

▶️  You’ll learn about the National Park’s glacial origins and formations.

What do I need to know about the route?


✅ In order to join this excursion, you will need to be in good physical condition with a moderate level of fitness.

✅ We will leave at 8am and return at approximately 3pm


✅ The starting point is the Hoya de la Mora (Sierra Nevada) 2508 metres above sea level, a considerable altitude.

✅ Given that the ascent gradient is approximately 750 mts., this is classed as a moderate-difficulty route. You need to be accustomed to physical activity in order to get the most out of spring at its best in the Sierra Nevada.

✅ The total distance covered on the route is approximately 16 kms. It’s no problem if we take a little longer than planned, we want you to enjoy the landscapes as fully as possible and for you to really get to know the Sierra Nevada National Park.


✅ As with all our activities, so that you can get the most out of this excursion, we’ll tailor the route to suit the level of all participants. Along the way we’ll show you the wide variety of endemic wildlife found exclusively in the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

It goes without saying that with our team of experienced guides your safety is guaranteed at all times, not least when traversing the Glacial Valley of the River Dílar and getting up close to the Tajos de la Virgen and El Cartujo.


What do I need to bring?

▶️ Comfortable clothes and ideally, designed for hiking (trousers, short-sleeved breathable top, long-sleeved breathable top and windproof jacket). Remember that you will be at high altitudes in the mountains.

▶️ Well broken-in hiking boots or shoes that you are used to walking in. We will pass through areas without trails or paths.

▶️ Hat or cap

▶️ Sunglasses

▶️ Sun cream

▶️ Rucksack with water and snacks

▶️ We highly recommend the use of trekking poles

▶️ And of course, energy and a desire to get the most out of spring in the Sierra Nevada!


How much does Glacial Lakes of the Sierra Nevada cost?

Price: €27 per person (21% VAT included)

This excursion will take place on the 20th of June, 10 participants maximum.

The price includes:

✅ An expert guide

✅ Limited places to ensure that you have our attention at all times

✅ Medical and Liability insurance

The contrast of the Sierra Nevada’s verdant Borreguiles with pure white snow and the intense blue sky of the High Mountains will bring a smile to your face even days after you return home.

IMPORTANT: In order to ensure that each participant accepts the regulations regarding COVID-19, you must register individually from your own device.



El sábado tuve la oportunidad de hacer con ellos la ruta de las Lagunas Glaciales y la experiencia fue fantástica. Son profesionales con mucha experiencia y conocen muy bien el entorno, su flora y su fauna, y esto hace que la Ruta, además de ser una magnífica experiencia deportiva por el maravilloso entorno en el que se desarrolla, se convierte en una auténtica ruta cultural. Otro detalle muy importante es que se adaptan muy bien al ritmo del grupo para que todos disfruten. Un placer conocerlos, haré mas cosas con ellos!!!

Adriana Paes

Reseñas Google

Experiencia muy interesante y bien preparada, llevándonos a paisajes espectaculares, siempre con seguridad muy cuidada. Gracias a Pablo y Marién por sus explicaciones durante la ruta, se aprende mucho de flora y fauna de la Sierra.

Yago Yuste

Reseñas Google


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