The mountains of the Sierra Nevada during the thaw season are a sight to be seen. However, it’s important to remember that in order to appreciate the snow and its thaw, you’ll be in high mountain terrain where there is always a higher level of risk.  

Have you ever seen the Lagunillos de la Virgen (glacial tarns) during the thaw?

We assure you that it’s one of the great spring highlights in the Sierra Nevada National Park.

On this route you’ll also learn:

✅ About the Sierra Nevada’s history

✅ About the importance of the Acequias de Careo (irrigation canals)

✅ To identify some of the Sierra Nevada’s endemic wildlife. Did you know there are some plant species here which don’t exist anywhere else in the world?

✅ About the Sierra Nevada’s glacial formations and origins

As always, your safety is our priority, you’ll be able to appreciate this magnificent spectacle by combining sections of hiking and sections using snowshoes.

With over 30 years’ experience in the area, our expert team will accompany you along the way to show you the best and safest route to take. Before setting out, we monitor the terrain and the state of the snow in order to minimise any possible risks.

First time snowshoeing? No need to worry. It’s an easy activity requiring no prior knowledge; we’ll show you all you need to know in order to get the most out of the experience.

Details of the route:

✅ It’s necessary to have a moderate level of fitness to take part in this excursion.

✅ We’ll set out at 8am and return at approximately 1.30pm

✅ The starting point is the Hoya de la Mora (Sierra Nevada), 2,508 metres above sea level. A considerable altitude.

✅ We will ascend approximately 450m in total throughout the route. This route is an accessible option to enjoy spring in the Sierra Nevada in all its splendour.

✅ The route is approximately 11.5kms long, giving you time to enjoy the landscape and get to know the Sierra Nevada National Park more intimately.

✅ As in all our activities, we adapt the route to the level of the participants in each group so that everyone can enjoy the experience.

Along the way, we’ll show you a wide variety of endemic plants only found in the high mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

To top it all off, you’ll have the chance to safely traverse – using snowshoes – the Glacial Valley of the River Dílar and take in close-up the Tajos de la Virgen and el Cartujo.

What do I need to bring?

✅ Comfortable clothing, suitable for hiking (trousers, short-sleeved breathable top, long-sleeved breathable top and windproof jacket).

✅ For activities using snowshoes it is always advisable to wear hiking boots, but given that this route also includes hiking and takes place in springtime, lighter hiking shoes will also suffice.

✅ Hat

✅ Sunglasses

✅ Sun cream

✅ A rucksack with water, snacks and if possible, a loop or hook to attach the snowshoes.

✅ And last but not least, come prepared to make the most of the spectacular thaw season in the Sierra Nevada.

How much does the route Thaw in the Sierra Nevada cost?

The price is €30 per person, 21% VAT included

This excursion will take place on the 30th of May, with a maximum of 10 participants.


The price includes:

✅ Snowshoe hire

✅ Retractable trekking poles

✅ A specialist instructor

✅ Liability and Medical Insurance


The contrast between the Sierra Nevada’s verdant Borreguiles, the pure white of the snow and the clear blue of the sky in the high mountains will guarantee that a smile stays on your face for many days after you return home.


IMPORTANT: to ensure that all participants accept the regulations in place due to COVID-19, each person must sign up individually from their own device.



¡Qué ganas teníamos de pisar nuestra querida Sierra Nevada!

Cada vez que voy descubro algo nuevo de ella y hoy Mamut Sierra Nevada nos ha permitido volver a enamorarnos un poquito más de nuestras bellas montañas
No podremos recordar las decenas de nombres de flora y fauna que hemos conocido hoy pero lo que no olvidaremos nunca es el
bonito día que nos habéis hecho pasar. Una suerte haber estado hoy, ya que la Sierra estaba casi sola para nosotros!! Qué suerte tenemos en Granada de tener ésta belleza natural.

Gracias, gracias, gracias!!

Nos vemos en la próxima!!

Noelia de la Torre

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Cuando tienes mono de montaña… Hoy nos lo hemos quitado de la mano de nuestros amigos de Mamut Sierra Nevada que son una apuesta segura por su profesionalidad, cuidado al detalle, al entorno y a las normas.

Nos tenían preparada una ruta chulísima donde hemos alternado el senderismo y las raquetas de nieve para llegar a los lagunillos de la Virgen y maravillarnos con el deshielo de Sierra Nevada a la par que aprendíamos mucho de la montaña y el entorno. Todavía me queda la sonrisa en la cara que me ha acompañado todo el día 😊😊

Edel de la Torre

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