Departure 9th Sierra Nevada Limite 2018 from Cenes de la Vega

The 9th Sierra Nevada Limite and 25 Subida Cicloturista al Veleta will leave from Cenes de la Vega !!!

After consulting the opinions of the participants, meeting with various City Councils and Guardia Civil de Tráfico, the organization of the events has taken the decision to make the next edition Sierra Nevada Limite 2018 the departure of the two routes from Cenes de la Vega, having the following advantages-news:

· On the recommendation of the Guardia Civil de Tráfico, the neutralized descent from the Sierra Nevada is eliminated and also by express indication, the passage through the Serrallo Tunnel is eliminated.

· The departure area of ​​Cenes de la Vega, will have free parking for all participants and companions of the events.

· Cenes de la Vega is located just 5 km from the center of Granada

· The departure area of ​​Cenes de la Vega, will have a cloakroom for all those participants who prefer to stay in the finish area of ​​the marches (Sierra Nevada), which will also have free covered parking and from where each one can calmly at their own pace Go down by bike to the starting area.

· The time of the departure of the 9th Edition Sierra Nevada Límite from Saturday, July 7 is delayed to 8:00 AM

We are working on the web of the event soon we will update all the information of the march: Start of inscriptions, routes, regulations, etc.

Year after year we try to improve the quality of the test so you can enjoy it to the fullest !!!