Learning methodology aimed at companies that want to promote the development of emotional competencies and the transmission of values, through an experimental learning.

Participants will have to take a role, make decisions and take their consequences. All this in a natural environment, away from the comfortable conditions of daily life under the strict supervision of our specialists and having as a framework a philosophy of respect for nature.
Critical situations are recreated so that a “real” need (food accommodation, heat, etc.) appears. From there the specialized technicians act as intermediaries (facilitators) in the development of skills to successfully face, and safely, the challenges that the group faces.
Each day they must face a challenge. The comfort of the group will depend on the degree of success achieved in each test.


Proposal of an activity that may be modified according to the particular interests of the company:

Day 1:
Approach crossing Granada – place of realization (Sierra Nevada).
Construction of cabins and vivacs elaboration of food.

Day 2:
Surpassing of special tests for the procurement of materials and food.

Day 3:
Cooking contest
Teams will compete with each other, in different tests to get the ingredients that will need in the elaboration of the menu.



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