Training to Help you Get the Most Out of the Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors is ready and waiting for you to make the most of it. Make sure to give it your all with the utmost safety by taking part in one of our Training Programmes.

In Search of Excellence

All the Training Courses we offer are taught by our team of experts who will be by your side to help you deepen your knowledge and improve your skills in the most enjoyable and practical way possible.

There’ll have no problem in addressing any doubts you might have. We always work with small groups in order to provide a personalised learning experience.

Always Looking Out for You

We like to give you maximum attention at all times in order for you to get the most out of the training you’ll receive.


✅ Do you know how to identify the probability of avalanches on your chosen route?


✅ Are you able to recognise and avoid avalanche terrain?


✅ In the event of an accident, avalanche victims only stand a real chance of being rescued alive if the rescue takes place in the first 15 minutes. Do you know about self-rescue protocol?


✅ Do you know the different types of ‘tap turns’ (conversions) used in Ski Mountaineering? They’ll help you to feel secure and confident on any gradient and any type of snow.


✅ Have you ever tried a two-step convergent turn while Ski Mountaineering? It’s infallible for passing through narrow or tricky sections problem-free.

✅ Are you able to correctly carry out self-arrest techniques using an ice axe?

Mountain skiing in Puente Palo with Mamut Sierra Nevada


Our Ski Mountaineering courses in the Sierra Nevada offer you the chance to start out or improve your technique in order to enjoy the mountains safely.

Safety course in avalanche terrain with Mamut Sierra Nevada


Self-rescue. Training using ARVA, probe and shovel.

Introductory course to Mountaineering with Mamut Sierra Nevada in Corrales del Veleta


Introductory course to navigating snow-covered terrain using specialised winter techniques. Highly practical and personalised.

If after reading about the courses you still don’t have a clear idea which is for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll be delighted to advise you.