Active Tourism for companies in The Sierra Nevada and Granada

The Sierra Nevada and Granada have an endless array of activities to offer. Together with your workmates you’ll have fun while getting to know the area better and above all, strengthening ties within your team. In our hands, Active Tourism for companies in the Sierra Nevada is a breeze.

To achieve outstanding results from your team, it’s important to try something different. The Sierra Nevada offers us the opportunity to step out of our comfort zone and try new and exciting activities.

Imagine exploring the Sierra Nevada National Park, rounding off the day at dusk with stunning sunset views and what’s more, a toast alongside your team… relaxed moments like this make it easy to chat and socialise with all of your workmates, even those in other departments.

If you prefer the soft sound of footsteps on untrodden snow, let us take you on a snowshoe trail in a magical setting. Our Active Tourism routes for companies are led by our team with over 20 years of experience, ensuring your security at all times.

Are you committed to respecting the environment and would like to reinforce this ethic within your team?

All of our activities offer an experience in sustainable ecotourism. We guarantee the conservation of biodiversity in the beautiful wild areas you’ll visit during your time in the Sierra Nevada and Granada.

Are you looking for activities which promote teamwork in an enjoyable way?

We’ve got you covered. Working in a team can sometimes involve tough or tense moments. Our setting in the stunning Sierra Nevada makes it easy for workmates to connect in a more relaxed way, helps to create a positive atmosphere and improve relations between all of your company’s departments.

Let us know your requirements and we’ll get back to you quickly and efficiently. Your experience in the Sierra Nevada is guaranteed to stay with you, bringing a smile to the faces of your whole team.



Turismo Activo para Empresas Sierra Nevada


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